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Understanding a Child’s World

Sandcastle Gulf Shores, AL, Dean Wisdom 2014

I love children’s sandcastles.  I took this picture on a sunset stroll with two of my daughters on a family vacation in Gulf Shores, AL.  We spent several days just hanging out on the beach and doing fun stuff.  A beach draws a lot of families because parents can get some sun while kids play right in front of them.  Kids get lost in building sand castles, finding shells, and swimming.  This sand castle drew our attention.

Children don’t have the cognitive development like adults yet to talk about what’s going on for them so instead they play out their many thoughts and feelings.  This can be frustrating for us parents because our kids act and react sometimes in ways that we don’t understand.  This causes us to react in ways that later we regret or just feel like we missed the mark. Continue Reading

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