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“Daddy, how fat is the Bible?”

I knew we were in trouble when I heard her question.  It was dinner, we were all together at home eating the assortment of baked chicken, spaghetti, raw carrots and ranch sauce, pizza, sweet potato, ketchup, and asparagus my wife and I put together.  The question is no reflection on her, I wouldn’t use a blog post like that.  I just thought, “Oh no.  That is the most boring question I’ve ever heard about God.  What am I teaching my kids about God anyway?”

Back up a few minutes.  We’re “plating” – ha!  I like that, like we’re on Chopped or something.  Anyway, Jill and I are plating the food.  And I think, “Talk to them about doing this diaper drive thing.  Read something from Luke and tie it in.”  Plating, plating.  Somewhere between the ranch and the pizza I decided, “Naw, I haven’t studied that passage good enough, I need to be sure before I say anything.  Need to do it right.”  I had been reading Luke some mornings and loved the fire under Luke for writing his letter to just one person. Continue Reading

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Baby Bootie Diaper Drive

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Is your baby’s bootie covered and clean?  Some families in Collin County can’t afford diapers.  The  Baby Booties Diaper Bank is a non-profit organization that distributes diapers, wipes, and cream to needy families in Collin County.  I will be hosting a diaper drive right after spring break leading up to Easter.  If this is something you might consider giving to, please bring by diapers (sizes 1-4 especially size 4), sealable wipes, and/or creams to my office at 6309 Preston Rd., Suite 1200 in Plano.  The marquis on the building reads “Premier Foot & Ankle” – I share office space with my wife Jill who is a podiatrist.  Or you can contact Baby Booties Diaper Bank directly at the number listed on the website link.

I think this is a great way for me and my family to get out into our community and serve others in a practical way.  I really hope you can join us!  Be looking for additional stories and posts on the Drive.

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