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Child-Parent-Relationship Training – Give your children what they need most – You!

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10 weeks to improving your relationship with your child through their primary means of communication – Play.

What is C-P-R Training?

Most other parent training programs focus on techniques to correct or extinguish children’s problematic behavior.  Child-Parent-Relationship Training was developed by Drs. Garry Landreth and Sue Bratton with the University of North Texas Center for Play Therapy.  C-P-R Training enhances and strengthens the relationship between the parent and child by equipping parents with basic play therapy skills.  “C-P-R Training is based on the rationale that the relationship between parent and child is the essential and curative therapeutic dimension for improving and correcting children’s problems and preventing the development of future problems.”*

*Landreth, G.L. & Bratton, S.C. (2006). Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), p. 15.

 What’s the format?

  • Parents or caretakers with children aged 2-10.
  • 10 weeks – group of 6-8 people.
  • Supportive, friendly and stimulating environment.
  • Facilitated by therapist and parent Dean Wisdom.


Does it work?

Research studies have shown that Child-Parent-Relationship (C-P-R) Training can:

  • Reduce or eliminate behavior problems.
  • Enhance the parent-child relationship and the marital relationship.
  • Develop responsibility and self-control in children.
  • Increase children’s self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Increase parents’ feelings of warmth for their children.

 Some of the things you will learn include:

  • How to help your child open up to you.
  • Limit-setting.
  • Recognizing emotional needs and building self-esteem.
  • Fostering creativity, self-control, and self-responsibility.
  • Encouraging and Praising.

 How do I Sign Up?

Please contact Dean Wisdom to set up an initial private intake session, answer questions, and schedule for group participation. Please click here to register.